Sunday 22 May 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 47

 I've been a bit busy the last two weeks - but not with crafting or documenting for Me Made May!

I did do a blog post on Me Made May yesterday  - link is here.

I have done a big of crafting.  I finished my Olive pinafore yesterday whilst watching some tutorials for the Sewing Weekender. 

It is currently waiting to be pressed!
I have also put a few more rows in on the baby blanket.

But other than that,  it has just been a little bit of planning.  I have been thinking about my next sewing project and have found a couple of patterns to go with!

Last weekend we went to London for Daniel's birthday.   We saw a few sights and finished by going to see Back to the Future the musical - which was amazing!

And that is that!  I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. The London trip sounds wonderful. Looks like Daniel had a very happy birthday.

  2. What a fun-sounding trip. Happy birthday to Daniel!

  3. I just love that blanket. So colorful plus the honeycomb pattern.

  4. that honeycomb pattern looks so inviting - I will have to queue it for next year of projects I think. I am glad the trip to London and the birthday were a success!

  5. You dress looks like it will keep you nice and cool on warm days.

  6. Daniel is so cute! He looks like he is having a great time in London. I love the pinafore and the baby blanket is so pretty. I love the pattern.