Sunday 1 May 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 44

 We have a long weekend here in the UK and it is the 1st of May (and the start of Me Made May).

I have already sorted through my wardrobe and have a whole rail of clothes that I want to see if I am going to wear it and see if I need to alter or get rid of it.  Anyway more about that potentially tomorrow!

I have done a fair bit of knitting these past two weeks.

I made great progress on my Soorik whilst at mum and dad's.

I am about at the waist, so now only a little to go before the colourwork part.   I am knitting this in John Arbon Textiles Exmoor Zwartbles. 

When we returned from m and d's I got a bit distracted!  As we had had some work done in our bathroom  I wanted to organise some of the bits in the bathroom.  I looked at buying some baskets but instead opted for using stash and making some instead.

I did look at a free pattern to start with  but then just made it up when I could see how you would do it - I knit a rectangle in garter stitch, then picked up stitches along each edge  then went round and round in garter stitch until it reached the height I wanted.   I used two yarns from stash held together to make a chunky weight.

Mecand Daniel went for a walk yesterday and saw lots of babies. 

And a terrapin/turtle

We are going to go back today and see how they are all doing - these are just a short walk from our house which is amazing.

We also tried out our new pizza oven for a second time last night and this time was amazing itself.  My husband (who isn't the greatest fan of pizzas) said it was the best he had ever had!  High praise indeed!

We were at Donnington last week, but I took no pictures apart from one to let my mum know we had got there safely on Facebook as it was too noisy to ring!  We had a brilliant weekend and am really looking forward to the next one.
Anyway  that is it for this week - hope you all have a great week.


  1. That’s a great couple of weeks. We have friends with one of these pizza ovens and they are now experimenting cooking steaks and lamb chops in it! I look forward to seeing your me made May posts.

  2. Is this holiday weekend what used to be called Whitsun? The names have been changed since I lived there long ago! I really love your making baskets instead of buying, great looking ones, exactly the sizes you need.

  3. Love your knitted bathroom baskets. I definitely need to keep that idea in mind. Pizza idea - don't know if you are a fan of "white" pizza but we are loving roasting garlic, then spreading it on the pizza dough. Top with mushrooms and cheese. Sprinkle with arugala before serving. YUM!!

  4. How clever you are to make your own baskets for your bathroom. They look fantastic too. Your Soorik certainly has grown since I saw it last. It will be a great addition to your wardrobe. That pizza oven looks like a lot of fun. The pizza looks yummy too.

  5. Great baskets! That pizza oven is great. We enjoy pizza on the grill in the summer. We like to use fresh vegetables and herbs from the garden. -Jen From Carolina Tales blog

  6. I love the Soorik! I can see that being a staple in anyone's wardrobe. I can't wait to see the color work. The baskets are adorable and so useful and I imagine they're washable too? I always forget about Me Made May although I have nothing that me made! LOL! But one of these days. The babies are so sweet. I about go off the road when I see the baby cows around here. I love good pizza! The pizza oven sounds wonderful.

  7. Your baskets are adorable! I love quick, useful projects.
    Can't wait to see all the great MeMade stuff you have planned for May!

  8. Oh my - that pizza and pizza oven look amazing. I love your knitted baskets for the bathroom. Very clever.