Sunday 8 May 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 45

I haven't done a great deal of crafting this week, but we did have a long weekend,  so I managed a few things.
To begin with, I managed a couple of lessons with Stephen West on brioche.
As you can see, I have completed basic flat brioche and two colour brioche.  Stephen is such a good teacher, these were really easy to do and master.  I am going to do another today - I am up to one colour brioche in the round!
I have put in a few rows on my baby blanket and some rounds on Soorik, but not really enough for a photo.
I have also started work on my next Olive pinafore by Tilly and the Buttons.

It is of course the start of May  which means that Me Made May is underway.  I have not posted photos this week partly because that was not my main aim and partly because things happened to conspire against it!  But this nextcweek, I hope to take some photos of some new combinations.  I did do a short post to document what I have been wearing here but minus photos!  I will do better next week!
Anyhow, until next week - have a great week.


  1. I’ve been looking at trying my hand with a brioche scarf for the first time, would you recommend some sample pieces? I have absolutely no idea how it works or how hard it is!

  2. So glad that the Stephen West class is working well for you. Your samples look great. I will working on Patty Lyons brioche class this week. Fingers crossed.

  3. Your brioche looks very good. How fun to take a lesson from Mr West himself.

  4. Your brioche looks good. Have you been eating lots of pizzas on your new maker this week? I told my husband about your last post and hoping we will get one, he wants to know if it’s the sort of thing the novelty wears off soon so would be great if you can keep us updated on pizzas as well as knitting and sewing 😜

    1. I forgot to say that’s from Liz (Highlandheffalump)

  5. Look at you with your brioche! It sounds like a great course and you're really a fast learner. I love the pinafore.

  6. Tilly and the Buttons has such great patterns - looking forward to seeing your garment when its done. Hooray for learning brioche!

  7. It is always fun to learn new techniques, especially with a good teacher - I imagine he is quite entertaining as well!