Saturday 21 May 2022

Me Made May - week 3

 It's now week 3 and I have to report very little during the last two weeks in the area of progress for Me Made May.  I have still been wearing me mades (as I do almost every day anyway) but there has been little documentation and apart from the beginning of the last two weeks, very little experimentation.  So I am extra determined next week to try some new combinations.  

I have been very productive on the me Made front though,  by finishing an Olive pinafore today,  whilst watching the Sewing Weekender held by the Foldline website.

I love this pattern (I have made it before).  But this time I assembled it correctly (last times front pieces were round the wrong way!)  And I made it by hand, which is my preferred method nowadays.  I am really happy with it so hopefully,  I will be able to wear it a few times next week.

I finished it whilst watching the Sewing Weekender which is a weekend of Sewing videos and chat, organised by the Foldline.  I participated last year and found it so useful, wanted to have another go.

Anyway, next week I intend to make new combinations and document it!  I'm not sure I would hold my breath!

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  1. Another hand sewer! I love hand sewing and I've made several items in the last year. Glad to see what you make.