Sunday 17 July 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 3

 After a couple of big finishes in a few weeks,  I now feel like I have done very little!

This week I have solely worked on the ripple bralette.

The yarn is by Homespun wonders - who do not dye anymore.  I have 2 skeins of it that I havd been waiting for the right project.  At the moment it looks little like the ripple bralette because I have made it 2 sizes bigger (I'm too scared to do the negative ease this time) and I'm making it much longer (I want to use up both skeins).

If this works well and I like it as  camisole I am going to dig out another single skein to make it as a bralette - that is the plan.

Anyway,  it is coming along quite nicely and may have some more time tomorrow.  It's quite hot here and because we have a red warning the school is shut tomorrow.   I know lots of places have it hot for longer and indeed, hotter, but we are just not geared up for it.  Our houses and, more so, the schools, do not have air conditioning and most classrooms no fan, so it is like a greenhouse!

And that is all I have done.  We had the pizza oven out last night which was nice - we are having pizza night about once a week at the moment!  Will be trying to stay cool over the next 2 days and hopefully get a bit of progress in.  We break up for summer on Thursday and I for one, can't wait - see you all on the other side - have a good week!


  1. Here in the US it's hard to imagine homes without AC. Some older schools don't have AC and students get sent home early in August and September. Sounds like a great plan to knit a cami. MaureenHD

  2. Gosh, I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. We're happy to see rain today after weeks and weeks without. I really like the pink/green combo of tones in the yarn. It looks like it's knitting up beautifully. ... from Minding My Own Stitches (

  3. I can not imagine that heat without air conditioning. And humid too. YUCK! The bralette is very interesting. WIll be interested in seeing it completed.

  4. I hope you didn't melt, we were super lucky and had cloud cover during a lot of the day and so it only got to 27.5C here and it was 27.8 last September and 30.7 July 2019, so its the 3rd hottest day we've had here since we got a proper weather station about 10 years ago. We also had thunder and torrential rain in the afternoon. All in all not too bad. My cousin's daughter lives in Lincolnshire and they said it was like being in the desert. What would you wear the bralette with? or under? I've considered it but wondered when I'd wear them.