Sunday 24 July 2022

A Year of Projects Update - week 4

 We made it!!  It is now the summer holidays!

This year seems to have gone in a flash and dragged all at the same time!  But we are there now, and I am so looking forward to long days filled with walking, crafting  baking and listening to Audible.

This week has been quite good craft wise - we actually worked from home on Monday and Tuesday due to the heat.  I think I might have said last week we had 35/36 - 40 predicted and we are just not built for those temperatures - our houses and schools are not built for heat - no air con and few fans  so in school with 30 students in a room - it is like a greenhouse.  Anyway I worked from home and it was a bit better - fan aimed at my face all day!  It also meant I could fit in some crafting.  

I did a few bits of embroidery this week.

These are destined for cards to give to my mum in her advent calendar.   I have decided I want it finished by next week so that I can rake it down with us and then I don't have to rely on the post nearer the time - but it does mean I have to get moving.
I also worked a fair bit on my ripple bralette.

I know this does not look like a bralette, but this is my trail camisole version.  I do not know if I will like it as a bralette, I don't know if I will like the negative ease of the bralette and I have 2 skeins of this lovely yarn.  So a camisole version it is and if I like it - I will dig out another single skein from stash and knit it as a bralette.
On that note I got round to sewing something that I have has my eye on for a while.  I bought the Waves and Wild superstar bra pattern ages ago and this week finally sewed it up.  
This was a brilliant stash buster as I have loads of bits of stretchy fabric (this and pants are going to be my go to stash using project).  It only took me a few hours to finish it although at this stage I had got a bit carried away and finished it without my customery trying on as I go.  Had I done that, I would have realised the straps were far too short and I should have lengthened them.  I have now fixed it (not a pretty fix but you can have everything) and I love the finished article - I may try it for my yoga at home and see how it holds up - I see more of these in my future (it would also work well as a bikini top).
And.. on the Waves and Wild theme.  I also got a free pattern of theirs - the sandcastle bucket sun hat.  Again, I used lots of stash/leftover fabric and produced this..

As you can see, it is fully reversible (although the chickens are sometimes upside down - and forgive me for being in pyjamas!)  Again,  I love this, it used stash and only took a couple of hours.
And I think that is it for this week.  I will be able to get round to everyone in good time this week and I'm thinking there may even be some midweek blogs on the horizon!
Until then, I hope everyone has a good week.


  1. Wow, I'm always amazed at all the items you sew. I love embroidery cards. I'm sure your mum will love them as an advent treat.

  2. The embroidery is very pretty and delicate looking. Your sewing of the hat and bra is fantastic. I love bucket hats. So nice to keep the sun off of the face and neck.

  3. I heard about the heat you were having - crazy , just crazy!

  4. Love your sewing hat! Looks like you’ll get lots of use out of it with the heat you’ve been having. Enjoy your summer holiday! When I was teaching in New York we started in September and ended in June. Here in North Carolina our local district starts in August and ends late May -mid June. When do you guys start your school year? -Jen @CarolinaTales