Sunday 24 September 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 12

 I have very little to show for this week!

 I thought I might be able to finish my Pineberry but it was not to be.

I have attached the waistband to the body and am now just finishing the tie.

I am knitting this in Eden Cottage yarn which I have used in the past and in answer to a comment on last week's blog, I have always found it to wear very well (and the colours are lovely!)  Once I have finished the tie, I only have a bit of finishing - mainly a little seaming and then it is done.  

So hopefully next week I should have a little more to show.   I have recieved the next Pompom magazine and there are some beautiful accessories in this edition - namely, hat, mittens and scarf which I quite fancy now that the days are getting colder.  And I have yarn in stash to do them!

Anyway that is all for this week, have a great week, everyone.


  1. Your project is going to look lovely. I have heard quite a bit about PomPom magazine, but I know myself well enough to know I would love to look at the magazine but would file it away never to be seen again. I resist the siren call of a magazine.

  2. Such a beautiful sweater. Looking forward to seeing it modeled in next week's post. So satisfying to pull from stash isn't it.

  3. That was my question, so thanks for answering. :) So close to the finish line, I hope you get to the finish line this week, it looks great from what we can see so far.

  4. The color of that yarn is going to go with everything!

  5. Eden cottage yarn seems to ve a favorite for those of you on that side of the pond. I bet your Pineberry will be done by next update.

  6. So close to finishing! I look forward to next week's update.