Sunday 10 March 2024

A Year of Projects Update - week 36

 The weeks are flying past at the moment.   January took forever and now February went in a flash!

I have got a little done but I  have been so tired when I get home from work, I rarely knit then as it puts me to sleep!

So the only project I have progress on is my Delovely skirt. 

I got a bit bored of going around, so I have put in the waist elastic and now I will return to going around in circles!!  I don't think I have too much further to go - I will certainly finish this skein and then see where we are.
I am using John Arbon Textiles Yarnadelic.

I spent a little time in the garden yesterday but it was only a little tidy up, I think next week I will try to do a bit more out there in readiness for the planting season!

Mum starts chemo his week so although I am not down there, I will be talking to her most days and checking in.  I hope to go down during the holiday that is looming.
I hope everyone has a great week. 


  1. I hope your mom does well with her chemo and side effects are few for her. Your skirt is really taking shape now that the waistband elastic is in. It will be a great wardrobe builder.

  2. Sorry to hear your mum has to go through chemo. That skirt would be nice for easy knitting but I can appreciate it would get a little boring. Colorwork hem border??

  3. Sorry to hear about your mum, I hope she gets through it ok and has some friends around to help out. The skirt is making good progress, I’m going to be so interesting to see how you find it wears and how it looks after you’ve been sitting for a while and then stand up.