Sunday 17 March 2024

A Year of Projects Update - week 37

 This week has been a bit difficult, but we got through it!  Mum had her first chemo on Wednesday and it went as well as can be expected. 

I have worked a bit on the Delovely skirt and am now so close to finishing - I think I would like to do one last repeat - about 10 rounds.  I'm looking forward to having this done and then I can decide on the next project!!

And that's the only project I have worked on - I have planted out some seedlings this morning, made some bread yesterday and a cake this afternoon. 

Hopefully this week will go smoothly and I might get the skirt finished.  I hope everyone has a nice week. 😊 


  1. Such a cute cake and the bread looks very tempting. I'm impressed knitting a skirt. Way too much knitting for one project for me. I'd get bored. I hope your mum handles chemo fairly well. I'll be thinking of her.

  2. Yummy cake! Like the little eggs on top. I hope your mum does well with her chemo. Have a feeling your skirt is going to be finished by next update. Will be fun to see what's next to go on your needles

  3. All the best wishes for your mum during her chemo. I’ve seen other bloggers knitting super soft cotton or bamboo yarns into little cute chemo hats to wear to help cover hair loss. Bakes look delicious. Liz