Sunday 12 January 2014

A Year of Projects Update

Another week goes by!!

I got my poncho finished and I got to wear it to the funeral (It was my mother in law that passed away).  Thank you for everyones kind comments last week - they were very much appreciated.  The last 3 weeks have been hard, but we will move on and we have have lots of good memories.
The poncho is lovely if I say so myself!!  It is beautifully warm and you can continue to do things as it is not too restrictive.  Forgive my looking half asleep in the picture, my husband took forever to take the picture!!
 The pattern is lemonade from Lemons and it is knitted in Malabrigo merino worsted in cypress

Since finishing I have cast on Linda Ks Yummy Mummy Wristwarmers - I will post a link and pictures next week.  I am knitting these with Mellifera sock yarn in spruce.
For the first part of the year (and maybe the rest!) I intend to do lots of projects for me and to try lots of different techniques.  These wristwarmers have charts and not written instructions which I have not used before - so this is the new technique here.
Hope you all have a good week :-)


  1. The poncho looks gorgeous and well done on completing it. What a good plan so often we forget to knit for ourselves.

  2. You did a beautiful job on the poncho and so sad to hear it was your husband's mother. It's something we all face eventually but it takes along time to get over it. I lost both my folks within 9 months of each other about 10 years ago but sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday.
    I've never done charts either except one of those wash cloth ones and I finally got the hang of it but I have a blanket to do and it is looking pretty intimidating. God luck and let me know how it goes.

  3. The poncho came out great. So sorry to hear of your loss.

  4. Lovely poncho ... but you do look a bit impatient with DH. Can't wait to hear all about the Mellifera yarn - I've been considering ordering some for a sock-knitting KAL and the colours look absolutely gorgeous.

  5. The poncho is terrific. You cannot go wrong with Malabrigo Worsted. The way it fits on you is like a hug that won't let go.
    I'm sorry for your loss. It is always hard to let go of a beloved. There's this Pin I have on one of my boards; it's of a poster that says, "Perhaps They Are Not Stars but openings where our loved ones shine down upon us." It made me think of my Auntie J and gave me comfort. Maybe it will give you some as well.

  6. I'm happy your finished your poncho in time to wear it to the funeral. I hope it was a pretty service. It's always fun to learn new techniques and stitches, good luck with the chart, I'm sure you'll have no problem figuring it out!

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss. The poncho is lovely, and I can see how it would bring you joy to wear it.