Saturday 15 February 2014

Purse pattern

I made this purse last week and thought I would put the basic pattern here so that I would remember it!
My long term intention is to knit a few of these with motifs on the front.  I have already sourced a very good supplier of purse clasps - julies bag clasps from Blackpool.

Using 4mm needles - CO 30 st (using DK yarn)
Continue in pattern (whatever that may be) for 12 rows
row 13 increase to 32st
row 15 increase to 34st
Continue in pattern until row 44
row 45 decrease to 32st
row 47 decrease to 30st
Continue in patern til row 60
To make up, work in all ends.  Fold the material in half and sew together until increase and decrease stitches.  Glue material into purse frame.

On another note, I took possession of a sweater quantity of gilliatt yarn in poivre el sel today.  Its absolutely lovely, came really fast (from France), wasn't hugely expensive and came delightfully packaged with some samples of the other colours and lavender so it smelt heavenly!!

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  1. Oooooh! I still have a clasp that is waiting to be used, and I want to upgrade my knitting skills so this will be a lovely project for me to do! Thanks so much for sharing!