Sunday 23 February 2014

Year of Projects Update - Half term

I've come over all arty this week!!  I blogged about inspiration here  - but here are a few exerpts:

Beautiful flowers



and robins!!

Now knitting!!  I found these as inspiration for my niece's cardigan (I am not knitting a cupcake design - just the colours!!
Cream roses cupcakes Wallpapers Pictures Photos Images

And I made my first foray into designing - here it is!  There are lots of things wrong with it - stitch count is too large for these clasps, the owl is not centred, I ran out of the blue so the back is two-tone and my colourwork leaves something to be desired!!  But all of these things can be improved!
And indeed have been!

This is the new and improved version.

Here is a glasses case and an improvised pig coffee cosy!! 

And finally here is a cushion cover that I knitted ages ago but it didn't really work as the buttons kept coming undone.  My son chose the material - its possibly not my choice but there we are!
Now none of these are on my YOP list, but again Ruth has inspired me.  This time not to bake, but instead to sell my products.  I have signed up to do a craft fair in June and so these are all prototypes for what I will be selling (all except the cushion cover).
I have made some progress on my top for work, so I haven't completely forgotten about the list - I hope to finish it for next week so I will update the list then.


  1. Ruth is an inspiration isn't she? I am toying with the idea of craft fairs this year too!

  2. Ah shuks thank you I've never been anyones inspiration before so I am flattered thank you. I love the purse it's so cute and I like both actually and the glasses cover that is so handy as someone who wears glasses it would be invaluable and a lot more arty than the boring optician one. I hope you have a great fair when it comes around, quick and easy to do that don't cost the earth to buy but still make you a bit of profit is most likely the way to go from what I've seen.

  3. Looks like you've got some great prototypes. Love the pig cozy!

  4. Yes, Ruth is an inspiration to us all...I even put some marks on some graph paper this past week to try and design something. Look at you go! You just get right in there and make things. The owl purse is just precious and they are so "on trend" right now....very popular. I love those yarn colors from the cupcakes too....tasty colors! You get so much done it is simply mind boggling. I love the eyeglass case too.
    Your robins sure look different than ours! Ours are much bigger with a dark orange red breast and dark brown feathers everywhere else.
    Good luck on your new venture!

  5. Yep, I too got inspired by Ruth, but also by you! Love all the pictures in this post, the color combo of the cupcakes too! You've got some amazing prototypes, can't wait to see more of your own creations!