Sunday 9 February 2014

A Year of Projects Update - with a little olympics!

I decided not to post last week as I didn't really have anything to report!!
This week I have lots of bits, few finishes but lots of starts!!
First up - I decided a couple of weeks ago to have a go at making purses (I had a kit with a magazine so thought I would give it a try) and here is the finished article!
I am really pleased with this, so I have found a lovely supplier of clasps from Blackpool and have got some more to go into production!

 Secondly, (not year of projects but inspired by Ruth) I dug out a coffee and walnut cake recipe that I have been dreaming about since Ruth wrote about it.  The result was fab and all that I had been waiting for - there was only one piece left so pictured the cupcakes for the boys made at the same time!
 I also started by project bag - last week I cut the pieces and sewed the back pieces together.  Yesterday I sewed the whole thing together and here are the stages through to completion!!  The handles are terrible but the rest I am really happy with.

This is the start I have made on my project for the Ravellenic games.  I am going to learn to crochet!  I have picked a small fish for my first project and it is going ok.  It is not that neat in places but I guess with practice that will improve!  

 Lastly, I have made quite a lot of progress on my top for work as you can see in the picture.  I love the yarn and the way it is not totally solid colour, there are flecks of lighter and darker.

I have also seen another lovely pattern that is not on my Year of Projects list.  The pattern is see-you-there and I have just bought some yarn from France - Gilliatt yarn to CO this after my top for work.


  1. Wow..lots of things going on! Good luck with the crochet...ami's are a great way to learn...

  2. You've been working on some lovely items! And yay for you learning to crochet, I'm sure you'll learn it in no time! Mmmm that cake looks yummy!

  3. So much stuff to look at! Your little purse is charming! Did you sew it onto the clasp? Or how did you affix it?

    Love the little fish. I'm sure with practice your stitches will all even out. I love that you challenged yourself to learn a new skill for the Ravellenic Games.

    What a cute project bag!

  4. Super cute little purse! Be glad you found more clasps, I've had real trouble locating a supplier of clasps and handles here in Sweden.

  5. mmmm cake isn't it yum, my children have been asking for me to make coffee and walnut cake again but this week I want to try out a recipe for chocolate and ginger cake ;)
    Really love the finished purse, I must give that a go and the project bag is just awesome! looking at your top and the see you there the fish will be no bother to you to learn to do.

  6. Lots of great things happening for you! I am now hungry... Off I go to make cake...

  7. Coffee and walnut cake? How did I miss this recipe? Will you share the recipe with us? It sounds yummy! Your little purse is adorable and well done figuring out how to assemble all the pieces. Have a great week!

  8. I love the little purse. It is so sweet and looks like it wouldn't take long to make one. Great gifting item. Is there a pattern somewhere? YUMMO for the I'm wanting some. I really like the project bag too and the fabric for it is so cool. It would be great material for my sewing room curtains and more. LOL!
    Your sweater is going to be lovely when you're done and I agree about the flecks of color variations yet monochromatic.
    Love the hoodie sweater although you'll never catch me making one. Do you have to "steek" all cardigans? The little fish is precious...if you can knit as good as you do then crochet will be a breeze for you. Have a great week!

  9. Wowzers! You have a lot goin' on lady. I like how you have a variety. You go on venturing into basic crochet! That fishy looks darling. Will check out more on your project page.