Thursday 20 March 2014

Midweek Inspiration

I have been awake in the early hours of the morning lately!!  I have had a lot of thinking time about my current obsession with sewing - fueled in the most part by the Great British Sewing Bee on the BBC on Tuesday nights.  
greengate latte cups Tilda Inspired Craft from Kleine PaulinasI am really liking the current fashion for pastels, especially since the boys are not into these they lend themselves to projects for me!  Absolutely love the colours here, but don't think I am a wearing pastel kind of girl! - I am sure this would lend itself to some lovely cupcakes (Iam baking for a sale on Tuesday!) and soft furnishings.

Found this on Thursday from laura oliver - now the colours in this are right up my street - I am thinking skirt/top, maybe even knitted items although I think they look particularly good in the more sheer fabric.
Teal Fuchsia Shade A
I was also reminded of a picture from my garden - with the pink and yellow

And look at this:

These are images from a shop in London run by Lisa Comfort - a sewing  cafe nonetheless called Sew over it in south London - I love the dress.
Of course I have yet to finish a sewn garment (have made a project bag - below but no garments) but I can dream!

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