Sunday 9 March 2014

Year of Projects Update - progress!

Yay, progress has been made this week.  I finished my top for work and wore it to work, two days running!!  My first garment that I can wear all day!  I need to block/iron the straps, but I was too excited to do that this week and couldn't wait to wear it. Please excuse the very dirty mirror I took this in.

I don't get to use pastles very often - having 2 boisterous boys.  Love the colours in these - going to use these in a cardigan for my niece.
I have since CO my poncho for my niece in these colours.

On the Pinterest front I have bought the material for my skirt and a pattern (decided not to wing it!) and bought fabric and cut out triangles for the bunting.  So the pins stay the same -

pattern ~ scissors ~ cloth: The Miranda Skirt Pattern - tutorial for a simple skirt        and        bunting for the boys rooms

 but I have made progress on them and added these:

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies. Making these, this weekend!  and Material for my skirt and buntingthe material bought for the 2 previous pins!!

Just as an aside, the weather has been stunning the last couple of days, so we managed to go to the beach yesterday and am spending today in the garden - heaven after the weather of late.  Hope the weekend is treating you all as well :-)


  1. Congratulations! It feels so good when we are happy with our FO and can wear it...

  2. Great looking top!

  3. Ooh your top is pretty! Love the color! Isn't it lovely when the weather's good? We've also been enjoying our first sunny weekend after a very cold, wintery period. But going to the beach isn't an option just yet! Can't wait to see some pictures of your Pinterest projects!

  4. Cute top - nice that you finished it with just the right weather to wear it! Now I'm getting hungry looking at those cupcakes!