Friday 14 March 2014

Miss Winkle

Ok, so I was quite happily going about my business being a fairly monogamous knitter.  I am trying to slowly build up my stock of products for the craft fair in June and I am knitting a lovely stripey pinky poncho for my niece as some interesting knitting in between.  I have been keeping my eye on the Crafts From The Cwtch group on ravelry, as I did a great KAL with her last year with a Boo knits which I loved, and I have become hopelessly obsessed with 'The Great British sewing Bee' on BBC.  So when the spring KAL with the Cwtch came up, I wasn't sure, as although I love knitting them, shawls really aren't my thing.  However, I have been watching the thread progress and have been sucked in by the lovely yarn choices!

So, the pattern is Miss Winkle and I have chosen my yarn from stash.  I have a lovely A Stash Addict yarn in Witches Brew that has been waiting for a purpose, and this is it!

After school today I have been excitedly preparing for CO tomorrrow - I have my pattern printed, my yarn out of the box and needles chosen - on a lovely sunny afternoon as the sun goes down I am set.

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