Monday 26 May 2014

How a simple fabric flower brooch

These are really the easiest ever flower brooches to make!!
 You will need:

  • Scraps of fabric (I used some from a free gift in a magazine to make these)
  • Cotton thread
  • needle
  • brooch back
  • button 
  • 6cm diameter round piece of cardboard (to act as a template - you can use bigger if you want)
  • optional tiny piece of felt and fabric glue
  • fabric scissors

  1. Using the template, draw 5 circles onto your fabric and cut them out.

 2.  Fold the circles in half
 3.  And fold a second time - like so!
4.  Tie a knot in one end of the cotton and sew a simple running stitch along the round edge about 3mm in from the edge

 5.  Continue with the running stitch through all of your folded circles until you have a tiny piece of bunting!
 6.  Then start to carefully pull the cotton through so that the circles start to gather.  Keep going until they bunch up together in a circle.

 7.  Stitch a couple of stitches between the first and last 'petals' to hold them in place.
8.   You should have something that looks like a flower now.
Now attach the button.  Spend a bit of time doing this and making sure that each piece of fabric is stitched through to hold it all securely in place.

 9.  At this point you can simply attach the flower if you want it permanently attached, or you can attach a brooch back.  The felt back is optional - I have done some with and some without.

 10.  You can add a small piece of felt to cover your stitching.  Use a drop of fabric glue and place on.

And there you go!!

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  1. That is such a cute little brooch! And you make it look so easy to do too.