Friday 30 May 2014

FO Friday

I haven't done a FO Friday for ages!!  Thought I'd do one today as I have a few FO's and I have the time this week (it being the half term break).
First up is a large tote bag to carry all of our (me and the boys) stuff around in.  I have been planning it for weeks (since I got into sewing) and have made a couple of trial project bags.  This week I finally finished it.  It is made from fat quarters that I sewed together.  It has 3 pockets and I coated the outside with Lamifix, to make it wipe clean.  Here it is in action!!

 We went to the zoo today.  I have been busy this week trying to get the products for my craft stall ready and feel like I haven't done much with the boys (just some swimming and some soft play!), so decided to treat them to the zoo.  We went to Port Lymphe.  This is part of the Aspinall Foundation and does a lot of work for endangered species.  It is set out like a safari and you take a truck ride through the park (which is huge) spotting animals as you go.

We had a fabulous time as you can see - this is the boys in the truck looking out for giraffes.

The second FO is also sewing related and I am particularly pleased with this as it is completely designed by me, made by me and I added a zip.  Considering I have only been sewing a couple of months, I feel very pleased with myself!!  Anyway it is a small lined purse that has a long strap that I can use to hold my money at the craft fair.  I have pictured it together with my new business cards and postcards!!  I like to be organised (although considering I have yet to sell 1 thing this may be overkill!)

I have several knitted items for the stall finished, but no items for me - I'm making good progress on my cardigan and hope to get that done for next week - we'll see!!
Lastly, I am reading something again that is not knitting related.  Apparently there will be a film out soon based on it (I don't really do films so I shall assume this is correct and if I blog about it I will not reveal too much!).  This is not a FO but thought I'd include it anyway.

I shall be linking up with Tami - if you want to see some more see the link on the right.

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  1. Love the fabric on the first bag!! I've never used Laminix (sp?) before, that is so cool that you can do that!