Sunday 1 June 2014

Year of Projects Update

One month to go - wow, doesn't time fly?
I have a whole load of projects to update on - none of which were on my original list!!  Mind you - this is my first year and I have learn a lot about projects, knitting and blogging so I won't beat myself up.  I will be a whole lot better prepared next month!

Firstly - projects that I have started, finished or are in progress this week:
My cardigan is coming along nicely and I know I keep saying this but I hope to finish it this week!  I am now going down the left arm

I treated myself to a new phone this week.  As a result I needed a cover.  Of course not one to spend unnecessarily (unless it is yarn related) I knitted one and I am quite pleased with it.  To the extent that I may make some for my stall - I will see what time I have.

I have cast on for a knit along with Andi Satterlund - I am a bit late to the party  (although it sounds as though I am early!) - it is a Christmas jumper knit along.  I have a timetable here.  I have so far only done a couple of rows so not even worth taking a picture  hopefully next week.
I have finished my tote bag and have used it twice - seen here in action at the zoo (Port Lymphe - set out as a safari)

And here we are on the truck and the view from the truck.

My fabric is washed and my yarn wound to start the outfit along today.  My aim today is to get the fabric cut and to cast on - my fingers are crossed (although that may make it difficult :-)).
And finally, I purchased some more yarn to make up some SQ's of Mellifera yarn - so that I can properly start my year of projects off on the right foot!!  Isn't it beautiful?

Hope you all have a good week.


  1. I'm still in love with that cardigan and it's on list 1 (haha you'll need to see my blog to understand that!) Cute phone cover case and why waste yarn money when you can make one and I love your tote bag. Love the new yarn and your right you need to start the new year off just right, that's another of my dilemmas, it's been a week for it with me it seems. I've found over the 3 yop years that my list always changes, things get added to it that were never on it in July so I just accepted it and made a category for it. :) Looking forward to your outfit and jumper kal.

  2. Such a cute phone case - I think those would do well at the sale.

    As for sleeves, they take forever don't they?! There's a lot of knitting in them for all that it feels like you should be mostly done after you finish the fronts and backs. I guess that's why I prefer 3/4 length sleeves when I'm knitting :)

  3. You are so ambitious! Not only actually get the stuff done and it looks great. I love the sweater/jumper for Christmas but that's a bit over my skill level although colorwork is on my list for learning next YOP.
    Ilove your brown and gold pretty and you knit fast! I think I need to learn that "fast" knitting method as I throw my yarn over and I think that is the slow method.
    What a great idea about the outfit project. I love your phone cover...I would put those in your sale booth for sure. I don't have a cell phone...but if I did...I would love one of those covers.
    Yes, here in the states it is "field trip time" also. I love your tote. I'm going to try sewing a project bag or many as I will have many new projects coming up by next month.....can't wait! Good job on all yours.