Sunday 22 June 2014

Year of Projects - Penultimate post of the year

Well we are nearly there at the end of the year - for the YOP anyway!!
I have made lots of progress this week.
First of all my cardigan is finished and here it is!!
Hurrah!!  Of course now we are having a bit of a heat wave so I will have to wait to wear it - but hay ho!

Having finished that I immediately cast on for a pair of mitts that I wanted to knit for my boys' childminder.  I used Spiced Cocoa by Laura Aylor and I have subsequently finished them - a nice quick knit that, I think, looks lovely.  I used some Malabrigo worsted in Cypress that I had left over from my poncho at Christmas.  I think I have enough left to knit myself some although I will go up a needle size to 5mm to accommodate my larger hands.

Having finished those I have been able to cast on my Myrna for the Outfit-a-long with Andi Satterlund (see link to the side) - I have made some progress since I took this, but hopefully, I will have made lots of progress for next weeks last post of the YOP year.

I have also knit a few more rows of my Christmas jumper - we will have to see if I make my first deadline on this!  I am supposed to get to the first pattern repeat by 1sy July - hmmm.

I think I am pretty much there with products for the stall.  I will be writing a preparation post tomorrow, but here are the last items - a few smaller items and my latest design purse - a fox (in case you couldn't tell!)

And lastly I thought I would leave you with some shots of our garden since it is in full bloom at the moment.

Have a lovely week - looking forward to seeing everyones round up post next week.


  1. Lots of lovely treats to show off this week. That cardigan really is lovely and will be lovely to wear in the cooler weather.

  2. The cardigan looks great. And so do the fingerless mitts. I need to make some as gifts this year so it's nice to see pattern suggestions :) Your garden looks great - lots of lovely sun!

  3. What a lovely garden. Now that summer is officially here, I am thrilled. We even had sun all weekend long! Well done on your sweater! I really like it-as well as those mitts. I have several mitt patterns queued up for myself.

  4. Wow! You just astound me with how much you get must be the fastest knitter in the country! that sweater is so pretty...I want one now. The mitts are so pretty too. What a lovely gift. I really think that group where you make an "outfit" is really cool. I'd like to do that sometime. I'm so glad you joined the YOP as you are a real motivator for me.

  5. Ooh your garden is so green. The mitts look good. I like that deep green. The fox purse rocks!

  6. Great job on the cardigan!
    Wow! You've got a lot of projects on the needles. I look forward to seeing them finished!