Friday 20 June 2014

FO Friday

Yay - I am doing a FO Friday!!
That means I have finished my cardigan.  And here it is

It took quite a long time because I have had other projects and once I got to the neck band each row took forever and put me to sleep!!  Details are on my project page on Ravelry - here
As a result of finishing I have started my spiced cocoa mitts for my childminder.  I don't have a pic of these but they are nearly done and I will include those in a later post

I started these because after the epic fingering weight cardi, I wanted a quick knit and that is exactly what this is.  I am using Malabrigo worsted in cypress that I had left over from my poncho knitted last Christmas.

And I have made some progress on my Christmas jumper.  I should finish the mitts today, so will then CO my Myrna by Andi Satterlund to knit as part of the outfit-a-long.

Hope everyone has had a good week - what are you working on?


  1. Congrats, it looks beautiful!

  2. Beautiful cardigan! I love the stripe pattern that you worked out.

  3. Yay! This cardigan kicks butt. After reading this uses fingering weight I can understand why it's a long term project. I found it interesting how you say childminder while we say babysitter.