Saturday 28 June 2014

Year of Projects - Round up of the year

Well here it is - the last post of the year!  
When I look back, I can't believe how much progress I have made this year, although it bears little resemblance to the original list.
The first thing I have gained from this year is inspiration from an amazing group who do amazing things and make me want to improve my skills and ambitions.
The second thing I have learned about the process is that I should structure my list differently.  I should have listened to the last posts of last year to tell me that, but I think I had to find it out for myself, being a novice knitter.

Of these points the first impacts on todays post and the second impacts on next weeks!

So - this year - I will summarise the list in a mo, but most importantly, what have I gained from the inspiring people in this group?  I have opened a shop and am doing my first craft fair TODAY!!  Ahh - wish me luck.
I will report on how that went tomorrow.
Here is my 'pretend' table!

And now to the list - I have put photos of some of the FO's on the YOP 2013 page.

Firstly, gifts for Christmas

  • For Daniel and Lily - a bag for Lily and will knit Daniel an elephant later in the year
  • For the sisters in law - wristwarmers - finished 14/08/13 
  • For my mum and brother - pot covers and mug hug - another change of plan - scarf for mm and gardening things for my brother
  • For Thomas and Luke - crocodile scarf  - finished 20/12/13
  • For my mum and mil - dishcloths and bag - finished 01/12/13

  • This part went very well - a few changes of heart but all in all well, and added a pair of socks for my SIL.

    Then, there's all the projects just for me

  • Finish tote bag  - hurrah - finished 04/07
  • Hat for me - finished 09/08/13
  • Socks for me - definitely using my A Stash Addict yarn - no I used it for Miss Winkle (I have new yarn for socks!!)
  • Placemats - in time for Christmas I hope! - next Christmas!!
  • Scarf for the husband - for dad finished 
  • Shawl for me - Dragonfly wings by Boo knits - will be my next project - finished 14/07
  • Winter hats for the boys

  • Again this section went well apart form the socks and placemats (these may appear again this next year!!), however, I finished this up quite quickly and other projects came along that weren't on the list at all.

    Additions!  I gave up adding to this part as in the end I felt it was a little like cheating!

  • Little Gradient for Thomas - Finished
  • Hexipuffs - more made
  • Bonnet for SCBU - finished 14/08/13
  • Vanilla socks as first sock project - yarn bought from Mellifera yarns
  • MKAL  with One skein - scarflette - finished 26/07/13
  • MKAL with Boo Knits - Morticia - start 01/10/13 - finished 01/11/13
  • MKAL with Amy Miller group - start 01/09/13 - completed 2 cowls - 2 more to go
  • September MKAL with One Skein - nearly finished - changed into scarf and finished

  • Poncho - Lemonade from lemons -Linda Blakeley - finished 10/01/14
  • Learn to crochet - Yes!!
  • Willow boot socks - possible Xmas gift for SIL - finished 25/12/13
  • Sewing - make myself a project bag - Made 2 and a tote bag and some pj's

  • So there it is - most projects are finished but there are lots of things not on there - nothing for the stall or shop for instance, and my latest projects are not on there.  I think I have learnt a lot from the whole process, from organising, techniques and inspiration. 
    All in all I feel I have had a very successful year but not so much in terms of completing my list.  My list next week will be slightly different in structure as a result.
    I hope everyone has a great week and I can't wait to see everyone's round up.

    If you want to see more, then have a look at the Year of Projects group on Ravelry.  Even better, if you fancy joining in, now is the time to do it!


    1. It is always amazing when we look back and see how much we did get done. Sometimes it feels we are not making progress but the wrap up posts are always the most surprising even for us the writers of the blogs. You did amazingly well on your list, if I could do that well once I'd be chuffed. Best of luck today with your stall, you'll do great.

    2. I agree... Throughout the year we sometimes feel like we are spinning our wheels and going no where fast... But when you reflect on lists, like you have, you see that simply isn't true! Congrats! And good luck today!!

    3. The best of luck today and I hope it goes very well for you. I think you did a tremendous job this year (much better than I, for sure!). You call yourself a "novice knitter"? I think you've gone way beyond novice! If you figure out a good way to organize the YOP stuff let me know...I make a mess of it every year! LOL! Look forward to another yop with you!

    4. Sounds like your year was a success, even if you went off list. Hopefully your first was a success too!

    5. You did very well in year three. It is certainly something to be proud of.