Monday 23 June 2014

Craft Fair Preparation

About a year ago I decided to join a group called A Year of Projects on Ravelry.  Through this group I have organised my knitting, improved my blogging skills and been inspired by their endevours.
One of which was that I could sell my knitted items.
I love knitting large, garment type items for myself and using reasonably expensive yarn.  However, I love the quick satisfaction that comes with accessory knitting and if I could sell it make some money for the expensive yarn!!

Lo and behold the idea was born for aknitandacake.

I decided to specialise in purses and here was the first

Not brilliant, but I persevered and here are the latest

I then signed up to some craft fairs - my first at a place called Tulleys Farm near where I live on the 29th June and then at the civic hall in Crawley on the 5th July.  Here is my mock table to make sure it looks ok!

Since signing up in February I have:

  • Knitted enough stock to stock a stall
  • insured my business for £1m
  • registered as a business
  • set up as a business on Etsy
  • set up a new E-Mail account for the business
  • produced business cards and postcards
  • produced a newsletter
  • purchased bags and packaging materials
  • made myself a money belt
and I am sure much more!!  All of this was actually very easy with the use of the internet - registering as a business online was easy and took about 5 mins and setting up the shop was equally as easy but took a little longer.  

So this is the start of the next part of the journey - I have set everything up - now to put it into action.  I will report back next Monday on my first one.
Wish me luck!
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  1. Oh, how exciting for you. Good luck and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it. The purses and eye-glass cases (am I seeing that correctly on the far side of the table?) are wonderful.

    1. Yes I am also doing glasses cases. I can't wait now!

  2. Wow, you have been busy! I really love those little purses :) Good luck with your new business enterprise, I hope your first fair goes well.

  3. Those purses are so sweet! I have a little girl who would go bananas for one of those (not to mention this big girl!), so I am sure you will be a great success. :)

  4. Everything looks great! Good luck at the fair:)

  5. good luck! What a great idea!

  6. what a lovely success story! Good luck and have fun!

  7. Thank you all for the good wishes - I am getting quite excited now!!

  8. The mock sweet up looks perfect. Knitted purses are unique. How clever of you. Break a leg.

  9. Ok you have been a very busy bee! The handbags look great!
    I agree. I love the large projects for myself also, but you'd have to charge a premium to sell them.
    Good luck with your new Shop!