Wednesday 11 June 2014

WIP Wednesday

I am nearly there!! 
I have finished both sleeves of my cardigan and now only have 30 rows of stockinette to finish for the neck band.

There is a slim but present possibility that I will make FO Friday!
My Christmas jumper has not been touched for 2 weeks but on completion of the cardi, I intend to get cracking on it.
I finished my tunic top on Sunday and did a kind of review of the pattern  here.  I have since worn it to school and decided I will definitely finish the hem (it had a hem but it falls down on ocassion so think I need a second row of stitches to hold it in place) and next time I will shorten the length slightly and not make such a round neck (as unless my underwear is on the edge of my shoulders you can see it).  Otherwise I love this top.
 Now I've finished this I have started on my Delphine skirt for the Outfit a long.  I have cut my fabric and hope to sew up next weekend.
Thought I would leave you with some pictures of our garden.  The rambling roses are again out in full force!

Will be linking with KCCO - pop over if you want to read more.


  1. Great projects, I love that cardigan!

  2. Love the cardigan. Good thing there are stripes to keep all that stockinette interesting :)