Monday 30 June 2014

Craft Fair Evaluation

This was me!!

Now for the sober part of my first craft fair - the evaluation.
Good things
Setting up the stall
Meeting the organiser and discussing future events
Meeting a varied collection of very nice fellow (!) crafts people

Bad things
Very quiet day in terms of customers (I know this as the others told me it was!)
Very few sales as a result
Cold in the barn!

  • Expand my product lines - all of my products are gifts so I need to give the customers lots of choice.  I had already decided to do lavender bags and an autumnal wreath, but will add some knitted jewelry that I have already started working on, am thinking of trying some covered notebooks and will expand the smaller purse range.
  • Improve presentation - so that there are lots of bits and pieces in various places.  Have found some old planks of wood in our garden that I am going to turn into a stand by nailing together, sanding and painting.
  • There is very little I can do about footfall, the next fair I am hopefully, attending will be at the same place in about a month, but in a different location on the farm.  It will also be in the summer holidays so I need to make sure I have lots of things that appeal to children (and mums and grandparents!)
  • Take a cardigan!
I will be linking to KCCO again this week, pop over for more crafty blogs.


  1. Your stall and crafts look beautiful; I'm sorry there were so few customers about to admire them. I hope the next fair goes better for you in that regard. And a cardigan or wrap sounds like a lifesaver!

  2. I always figure that my first attempt at anything is just a learning experience. It appears that you have done just that - you have a plan in place for what to do next time to improve the things you can control. Good luck with the next show!

  3. If you are paying for your stall then you have a right to expect the people you paid to do their part in promoting it. Some fairs are better than others and then there is the weather and the time of year to consider also. Anyway, that's how it is on this side of the pond. But like Alison's a learning experience and if the other vendors were experiencing the same thing then it wasn't your was the lack of traffic. But so good that you have a plan for the next one and improving on your end is always a good thing. Congratulations! You did it...regardless of the "followed through" and you should be very proud of yourself!

  4. This time of year there is always the worry about the footfall. The best thing I can say for your stand is to make it as attractive as possible so it attracts the eye of those who do come, lots of height and make sure it can be seen from across the room. Warm clothes as it can always get chilly standing round and a project or two to work on when your there, adds to the interest of your stand, gets work done and makes the people present stand and chat and that's ultimately what it's about.

  5. I'm sorry you had few appreciation. What counts is that you got yourself out there and have one craft fair under your belt.