Sunday 18 May 2014

Year of Projects Update

I'm all excited today!!  Not only have I made some progress, I have signed myself up for a new project starting 1st June - more on that in a minute.
I have made progress on my cardigan and the stripes are looking good if I say so myself!  I can't get my camera to show the true warm colour of the gingerbread, but hopefully, you get the idea.

I'm more than half way through the body, but as the rows are getting longer, it's obviously taking me longer.  I am hopeful to finish this week if possible, with a view to doing the arms in the half term break - that's the plan anyway!

I have made some progress on the products for my stall - I hope to do a couple more this week and then do a mock up of the table in half term - it all looks like this currently!!  My mum has made the beautiful bears and scarecrow doll - bless her.

I have started cutting the fabric for my tote bag, but sewing together will have to wait until next week.  I have also purchased some lamifix, to make it wipe clean (hopefully!)

And finally, the bit I'm really excited about!!  I have signed myself up for an outfit-a-long! The OAL is being run by Andi Satterlund at Untangling  - there is a link from the button on the right.  She and lladybird are running it and it starts on the 1st June.  You have to knit a garment and sew another garment that are designed to go together.  There are 2 suggested patterns - the top is designed by Andi and is on offer through Ravelry until the 1st.  At the same time, lladybird is going to be doing tutorials to take everyone through making the dress on her blog  I have decided to do the top (a lovely cropped cardi with short sleeves) but knit it a little longer than suggested since I am a bit larger than Andi!!  I have ordered my yarn - Malabrigo worsted merino in fushia.  I have also decided to go for a skirt as opposed to the dress as I know I won't wear it, whereas a skirt, I might!  I have settled on the  by Tilly Walnes - it is from her new book 'Love at First Stitch'.  If you fancy a go at sewing and are just started out, then this is the book for you - it is very nicely written for the novice in mind and moves on to quite complex projects.  I have the fabric for this in my stash, so am nearly all set!  It all starts on the 1st and I have high hopes of finishing in time for the new YOP year!!

I will leave you as I have to go and join the boys in the garden.  As you can see it is a lovely day here in West Sussex and we are spending it in the garden - hope you all have a great week.

So there you have it - it's all go as usual!!


  1. Loving the stripes on the cardigan and your box is getting nicely full. Laying out your table during mid term is a really good idea, I do this and it gives a good idea of what you've got and what not and where it will go. I would maybe suggest not piling on anything so people are able to see each thing, you can always add on more to the table as it sells and chat chat chat that's the key to selling. Love the cardigan and skirt idea, I'll check into that book, thanks for the tips on it being for the novice.

    1. Thank you for the tips - will practice and put them into action!

  2. Love the things for your stall - especially the little purses. I hope you sell out :)

  3. You've been so busy! May I say your garden looks just wonderful? And a kids' heaven with all those toys! The products for the stall look amazing, and how sweet of your mom to pitch in! Smart to do a mock-up table. The OAL sounds like a lot of fun!