Tuesday 14 October 2014

Project WO and other WIP's

So one week in and what progress have I made?
I have bought the pattern for the dress.

I have also bought some material to make a muslin - some lovely cheap stretch material in a dark brown which I purchased from Minerva crafts online for just £3 a meter.  I have since cut it out and will sew it together this weekend, together with a few other sewing projects.

The other elements will have to wait until I have the actual fabric for the dress, but I may not be able to wait until December - will have to see how the weekend goes.
In other WIP's, I have made some progress on both the socks and the Raspberry tart.

The most progress has been reserved for the wreath (since I have designated this wreath knitting week!) - it is quite boring to knit at the moment - just loads of garter stitch but the end is in sight!
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  1. you have been busy, I really like that fabric!

  2. Hi Lucy! That pattern looks like a great project! I hope we get to see how it turns out.