Thursday 2 October 2014

WIP Wednesday - On Thursday!

Ok, so I fully intended to post this yesterday, but I had a meeting after school and once I had sorted out the boys it was too late!!  So here it is a day late.  I have lots of things on the needles at the moment, and that is how I like it right now!  A project for every mood!!
The hat for Daniel is nearly finished - I actually frogged it a bit to change the yarn as the original was too scratchy.
 This is my progress to date.

The new Raspberry tart is started, but haven't done too much on that.  I am loving the colour - it is Merino DK in Cerulean by Mellifera yarn

I haven't done any more to the Xmas jumper.

The socks are now progressing, but slowly, having frogged the original when I worked out all the measurements!

However, the second chunky bag is finished

And the Xmas stocking tree decoration is done.

So it is all good - linking up with KCCO for more crafty goodness.

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  1. This second bag is terrifically Finn. Great texture.