Sunday 19 October 2014

Year of Projects Update

Some progress this week.  I finished one sock and it fits!!

I started the next one, but I'm only at the ribbing.
I am going to do my sewing today, so have nothing to report as yet, except that I went ahead and bought some fabric and yarn for the dress and shawl.  The fabric was another bargain from Minerva Craft, and the yarn was again from Mellifera yarn, a silky sock in reflection.

This last week was wreath week!!  I have done two!!  I shall be adding a ribbon to the white one and embellishing the stripey one with pom poms!!

I think that is about it this week, have a lovely week - we have one more week until the half term holiday - hurrah!!


  1. Yayyyy to the sock fittinng and I love the wreaths they are going to be lovely all embellished up.

  2. looking forward to seeing those wreaths in all their glory xx

  3. Yay to the sock! I love it when that happens!

  4. What joy to have a sock that fits! Congratulations! It looks very nice too. The wreaths are darling...are they knitted? I can just imagine how cute they will be once you decorate them. Have a great week!

  5. Those wreaths are cool. Splendid job.

  6. Those wreaths are so neat!