Sunday 20 September 2015

A Year of Projects Update - week 12

I've not much to share this week in all honesty.  It's been the first proper week at school for me and Daniel started school on Monday, so it's been a bit busy.  The only real progress I've made has been on the test knit.  I've decided to knit it taat and I'm at the same place on both.  I'll show a sneak peek of a cable this week.
Mysterious ...!
I will also be sewing a third sailor top, but haven't cut the fabric yet.  But this is it.
So there we have it!  If you want to catch up with folk who have probably done a little more, check these out.


  1. Not sure any of us have done a lot really. My daughter is a teacher with 2 boys and they went back this past week and it was very busy for them too! We talked almost every day in the Summer but that may also be why I'm getting more done around the house right now....not YOP-wise though! LOL!
    Well, the yarn looks pretty and they must be socks if you're doing TAAT? I love the fabric....I adore polka dots...always have. You know what I love too and I should look for some is dotted swiss material. Are you too young to remember that? I loved it for curtains especially....very white and crisp looking. I hope you all get your rest as I know you must be exhausted! Take care!

  2. Mysterious, very mysterious but I look forward to hearing how the taat goes for you, I keep meaning to teach myself this but each time out come the dpns and I'm happy. I love the spotty material, I think that may be my favourite.

  3. Speak for yourself "Sam I Am" ... I've been getting lots done! LOL!

    Is your test knit the same as Renee-Anne's?

  4. Oooh.. I love the color of that yarn! Can't wait to see more.

  5. Progress is progress! No matter how small. I love the pink yarn and look forward to seeing your completed socks. And I'll admit...probably because I'm not a sock knitter I had no idea was taat meant. It took me a while, but I finally figured it out. :^)

  6. Love the colour of the testknit - very curious to see more of it now!!