Tuesday 1 September 2015

Yarn Along - I finished the socks!

Hurrah, I finished Curiosa as you can see from the title!  I love them, the yarn (Mellifera yarn cash twist) is delightful in tide, a gorgeous blue.

They took me a while, but they were worth it.
I am now doing some more to Rhombing Around.  I hope to get this finished soon as I only try to have one sweater otn at one time and I have a few lined up (Hitofude and From Way back to name just two!)
Please excuse my photos from here on in - my camera decided they should be the other way around and I'm not sure how to orientate them on Blogger so they remain sideways!

I also have some little things on the go - my second slipper sock

and some baby booties to complete a set for the stall.

Of course I shall probably get twitchy sock fingers soon at having no 'proper' socks otn (slipper socks are not proper socks!), and when that happens I have the yarn for Jesse by Rachel Coopey.

I also cut the fabric for my sailor top, and I hope to get on with that today or tomorrow, we'll see what the boys want to do.  We have just 2 days left of the summer break and we will make the most of it! We shall be off to the park today t see the ducks and kick a ball about.
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  1. I love your Curiosas, so pretty!

  2. Looks as though progress is being made at your place. Love the color of those socks.

  3. The socks are beautiful, but they look fairly difficult.
    Enjoy your last few days. I'm already back at school!

  4. Oh they are beautiful socks, what a stunning pattern! And I love the colour of the jumper too, you're surrounded by lots of lovely projects at the moment, perfect!

  5. I chuckled at the thought of you getting twitchy having no proper socks on the needles. Everything you're making (and the finished socks) looks terrific, Lucy. You are very industrious.

  6. Love the socks - gorgeous pattern, gorgeous colour! And the fabric for the sailor top looks lovely - look forward to seeing it.

  7. Great projects, and I LOVE the Curiosa socks!!

  8. Oh wow, those socks are just amazing! Well done :-)