Sunday 23 July 2017

A Year of Projects Update - week 4

We made it!  I have survived another year and reached the summer holidays.  I am hoping to fit in a fair bit of knitting time in the next few weeks.
For now I have some progress.
I have one and lots that are nearly...
These are some socks for my dad for Christmas.  The yarn is a sport weight by Lana Grassa, which is lovely and soft.

I have made progress on Breathing Space but haven't taken a photo.  It is nearly at the solid bottom part and hopefully I should have that finished by the end of the week and have cast on the sleeves.
Of course, I would have had that finished if I hadn't been distracted by my cropped sweater for winter by Andi Satterlund.  I have the body finished and am now doing the sleeves.  It is a worsted yarn so is knitting up quickly.  The yarn is stash yarn - De rerum natura and is gorgeous.
I am nearly done with my July socks - these are knit in Life in the Long grass sock yarn in arcade. The pattern is My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth by Knitterarium.
I have also started another test knit, again for Ruth (Knitterarium), so I can't show you those but the yarn is here.
Finally, the last WIP I have made noticable progress on is the Bon Bon mitts by Joji Locatelli from the latest Pom Pom magazine.  These are knit in Malabrigo Arroyo and I have just started the thumb gusset.
I think that is all the progress this week.  I am making cakes today and hopefully getting to some sewing later.  I hope you all have a great week.


  1. Your Dads socks look great and how brilliant to have an xmas present out of the way! Your cropped sweater looks great, love that orange and I just love the yarns you are using in your My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth. Love the yarn choices for the test knit and I meant to let you know, you can show these on social media as much as you wish with the #wildflowerhoney

  2. Lucky you having a Christmas present done already! I've given up on knit/crochet Christmas gifts for a while. I just can't seem to get them done in time, no matter how early I start, lol. It looks like your cropped sweater will be done in no time! Your socks remind me that I've got a pair on my list to finish. I miss sock knitting, it's such an easy travel project.

  3. Look at all the progress you have made. I really like the test knit colors you chose. Your week was super productive and you even have a present one for Christmas.

  4. I want to make those mitts! The chart looks super complicated, though. I am going to try. Share any tips you have!

    Have a great holiday. I'm enjoying mine, although I do have the occasional school nightmare.

  5. I love how the colorway works w/the Bonbon mitts pattern. Hooray for a Christmas present done. I love the light grey with that wonderful orange for your jumper. How does your school system work? It's already late July but I'm assuming the boys have time off here and there throughout the year? Ours is late August to mid-June. We have national holidays off, two weeks for the winter holidays, and a week off for spring break. For our east bay school district we have early dismissal every Wednesday and my tween has weird half days scattered throughout the year.

  6. You're just starting your Summer vacation from school? Ours is almost over...I think they start back the end of August. Anyway, your Dad's socks are great looking and I bet he will love them!
    Your Andy S. sweater is gorgeous in those colors and I love how you did the contrasting rib at the bottom. Those are my daughter's favorite colors....she would love that sweater!
    I love the Arcade yarn especially with the contrasting heel and toes in red! So cute! I want a pair like that. Love the BonBon mitts...great gift idea....I have to remember those. Enjoy your vacation and I hope you get to do all the fun things you want to!

  7. Wow - you have really gone to town on your Breathing Space sweater. And look at those socks (those finished and those still in progress). And mitts, too. I'm just amazed at how much you get done, Lucy. And everything is always so beautiful. I look forward to seeing the new test knit as you can show it!

    1. Ooops... I didn't read carefully enough. I double checked and see that the pictured sweater isn't Breathing Space, but your cropped sweater. The sentiment is the same, though. Seeing where you were on it a week ago, I'm still amazed at your progress. :)

  8. I'm sure your dad will really like those socks you've made for him for Christmas. They look lovely and I bet they'll be warm in that weight yarn. Everybody seems to be making socks these days - I'm amazed at the talent in this group. I love the colour of the yarn in your mitts - will look forward to seeing them when finished. xox

  9. Ok, I am seriously jealous with all that sock knitting and what? Christmas present done already? You go girl!

  10. Wow Lucy, your socks are amazing! You have lots of projects going on. I love the look of the mitts! :)

  11. will look forward to seeing them when finished. xox

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