Sunday 9 July 2017

Week 2 - A Year of Projects - an audit

I thought this week I would do an audit of all the projects I have on my needles, to hopefully spur myself into action.

Whilst planning for the new list posted here, I cast on as many objects as possible.
So here we go.
Firstly, I cast on my July socks.  This is My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth socks by Knitterarium.  I test knit this pattern and love it and think it is perfect for summer socks.  I am knitting them in Life in the long grass sock yarn in the arcade colourway - I defy anyone to tell me that isn't summer in yarn form!  These are being knit with my new needles - Addi lace 2.25mm.
 Secondly, while I was waiting for July to come, I cast on a pair of socks for dad for Christmas.  This is a sport weight yarn that is knitting up nice and quickly, I am up to the heel now.
 Next having planned that I wanted to have a cropped sweater, I got overexcited, found a pattern and cast on.  This is A cropped sweater for winter by Andi Satterlund. This is a free pattern and I had yarn in stash, so I went for it.  The yarn is de rerum natura - gilliatt - the yarn is gorgeous and the colour is to die for - in fact I may get more and knit a chuck sweater....
 Fourthly, my breathing space (yes I have 2 sweaters on the go!) which is coming along nicely.  I think I am going to do about 3 more inches of stripe then finish with the blue.  These are knit out of Travel Knitter yarn and my own dyed and using my Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles.
 Another new cast on is my Bon Bon mitts by Joji Locatelli from the latest Pom Pom magazine.  I am knitting these from Malabrigo Arroyo - can't remember the colourway at the moment.
 This is a long term WIP that I am determined to finish up.  These are my triangle socks.  I have one finished sock and now 1 and a half strips.  In all honesty, I now have no real desire to finish these, but I am not a frogger if I can help it, and anyway it is just lots of little bits of yarn, and I am not likely to every wear them as the fit is strange, but... I do not give up and I will not let them beat me - I will finish these this summer!
 Pen-ultimately, this is a new cast on.  This is a scarf/wrap called Sevilla from the latest Pom Pom.  I fancied knitting it and had some yarn in stash. This will probably be a gift in the end, but hopefully, will be a good stashbuster.  This is a bit slow going as the rows are so long as it is knit lengthways.
I do have one other long term WIP that I didn't take a photo of as I couldn't find it!  It is the Donder and Blitzen hat that is too small, so I was going to knit it for Daniel, but to be honest, is likely to be too small for him at this rate.  It is in a bag behind my seat and will drag it out soon!

So there we go - there is the audit.  Hopefully I will have made inroads next week!
Hope you all have a great week.


  1. Your My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth are just summer in a sock! I love yellow socks as you know so these just make me smile. Your sweaters are both gorgeous, specially your Breathing Space. I think doing an audit a great idea and I'm pretty sure you'll make good inroads into the projects.

  2. Wow, that is quite a list. I love the yellow sock yarn. Can't wait to see progress on that Sevilla shawl, love the colour of that yarn. Now I'm off to google triangle socks, they look like something I would never knit but be interested in the construction.

  3. Love the Life in the Long Grass Arcade color...yellow is my favorite color so I may have to get myself some of that! Good for you working on Christmas gifts already. I will be starting soon too. Those triangle socks look like a real challenge but I am like you and never give up....I always finish books too regardless as I figure I will really never know if I might have liked it in the end had I not finished it.
    2 sweaters........both gorgeous! Good for you with your audit! Have a great week!

  4. I love Sevilla, too, but it is a daunting knit-so many stitches! I'll probably just enjoy it vicariously. It's a great Pom Pom, though, with lots of other things I'd like to knit!
    I am humbled that you can fit all your WIPs in one post. I can't count high enough to figure out how many I have!

  5. Your Breathing Space is awesome! I love the speckled and you matched it well to the solid color. Your BonBon mitts are awesome also! The texture is terrific. One thing I love about reading others' blogs is how I get exposed to patterns I don't know about. I added the Andi one to my Faves. I'll be interested in seeing how yours comes along. I love that burnt orange color.

  6. I had no idea you were not a ripper-outer. lol I'm watching Slow TV: National Knitting Evening on Netflix and there is a gal on there who not only never quits a project, but she feels compelled to finish others' unfinished knitted projects. Your sweaters are just lovely, Lucy. Of all the beautiful things you make I think I love your sweaters most. I'm just in awe at how wonderful they turn out.

  7. Nice inventory. Now there is only one way to go - to the finish line (since you don't frog). I look forward to seeing your wips become fo's

  8. Your needles are super busy. I find those triangle socks to be very interesting looking. You are the first non-ripper I have met. All your WIPS are beautiful.

  9. Hi Lucy :) That's a great audit! I have no WIP's...just started my first project today. I LOVE the colours of your dad's socks!

  10. Of all the beautiful things you make I think I love your sweaters most. I'm just in awe at how wonderful they turn out.

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