Sunday 11 February 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 33

We have made it to half term!  Of course it has not been a very long half term, but it has been a busy one.
I have a few plans for this week.  Tomorrow me and a friend are going to take down our decking.  We have tools and are ready to go!  I will update in a garden project update later in the week.  On Friday the boys and I are off to Farnham and Unravel.  This is the nearest yarn festival to us, we are not going to any talks or classes (not sure the boys would appreciate either), but I intend to enjoy the marketplace.  Anyway I will report on my purchases next Sunday.

I finished my testknit yesterday, but can't show you just yet. 
I also received two lots of fabric from a seller mentioned by Katie at Inside Number 23 - another Katie actually at Sewsewsew.  And I made a couple more dresses!
I love these, they are a little lighter weight than the other two so should take me easily through the summer.  I am going to get some fingering weight yarn from Unravel and make a little cardigan that goes with all of the dresses.  The pattern is Coco by Tilly and the buttons and all the fabric is knit jersey.

I put a bit of work into Thomas's Christmas jumper this week.  I think I'm about half way through the body, but I do have time!
I've also done a little more on my Christmas socks and I'm ready to cast on Helen Stewart's winter rose socks.
I have also cast on Zinone by Andi Satterlund.  I knit one of these a couple of years ago and love it as a summer top, so I have got some Blacker yarns Lyonese which has a 50% linen content and have started another in that.

Hopefully, I will get through a lot of this this week and will report next week.  I hope everyone has a great week with lots of lovely crafting.


  1. The Christmas jumper looks amazing!

    Zinone is very cute. I think the cropped version would pair up nicely with your dresses :)

  2. That Christmas sweater for Thomas is going to be super cute! Love, love, love the reindeer. :) And your new dress is great, too. You are so productive, Lucy!

  3. Lovely projects! I love all the handmade wardrobe projects I am seeing... have fun at Unravel! The Christmas jumper is adorable...

  4. Your dresses will be perfect for this spring/summer.

    Thomas' Christmas jumper is adorable. I really like the colors chosen for it.

  5. Your dresses are lovely. I can't remember the last time I wore a dress! LOL! Thomas's jumper is beautiful and the colors really contrast well. He will love it! i would like to sew more but I am trying to downsize my possessions right now so no sewing for now. A yarn festival....I would love to go to one but there are no festivals or yarn shops within 300 miles. I have to order everything online but grateful I can do that! Enjoy yourselves! Tell us all about it when you return.

  6. Everything you knit and sew is fantastic. I love that jumper, I am a sucker for fairisle and deer! Perfect.