Sunday 8 September 2019

A Year of Projects Update - Week 10

Despite only being back at school three days it seems to have been an extraordinarily busy week.  What with Darren being away, so I had to negotiate school runs and work.
I have done a tiny bit of crafting but only really on one project.
I did do two dishcloths - I am going for at least 3 so I will post a pic next week of those.
Otherwise I am working away on Faience.  I am knitting this in my own hand dyed yarn and the pattern is from Pom Pom magazine.
I am now mostly down the left front, just a few more repeats to go.

Daniel has been very keen to get out into the garden when we have had the time this week.  So we bought a few plants this morning to plant out along with some cyclamen I bought the other day.  We have also been keeping lots of food in the garden for the birds, which has attracted hundreds of birds.

Finally, I have been following Chelsea of Chelsea Makes and she was talking about an HP Sprocket that prints straight from your phone to little stickers, which I have become obsessed with to the point I ordered one that came today.  Next week will see me printing lots of little photos!!
Anyway that is all from me this week.  Hope everyone has a great one.


  1. Uh OH, that HP Sprocket sounds like a lot of fun. Now I will need to go and look it up and wait for next week to see what you have done with yours.

  2. I can't wait to see the Sprocket....I may be starts and you have to readjust schedules

  3. That onion skin dyed yarn really is knitting up well, such interesting shades and patterns it would be hard to replicate with acid dyes. I must not google the HP Sprocket...I must not google the HP Sprocket....2 seconds later I’m googling it!

    1. Ha ha, I did exactly the same while watching Chelsea. Found it, thought it would make a potential Christmas present, then five minutes later had bought one.

  4. Getting excited to see your Fiance finished! And a Sprocket sounds fun. Do I dare google it?!?

  5. The Fiance is coming on well. That Sprocket sounds like fun, shall I google it......

  6. You had a busy week but your Faience is looking so pretty with your hand dyed yarn. I must say the Sprocket has my curiousity up...inquiring minds want to know more! I hope this week is easier on you!

  7. The Faience is getting so close to finished, you must be excited! And the hand-dyed yarn is a perfect color -- warm but neutral.

  8. Beautiful dyed yarn. How exciting to have soooooo many birds coming to your garden. I look forward to seeing the stickers from your sprocket. Very cool idea.

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