Sunday 1 September 2019

A Year of Projects Update - week 9

Back after two weeks and I have a fair bit of progress to share.
We have been on holiday in Cornwall and then we spent a bit of time doing family things!
I finished my sparkly stripey socks last week.  These are knit in Dragon Hill Yarn and are a simple vanilla sock knit with 9 inch circular needles.
I enjoyed knitting with these in the end, but I didn't like not having them both finished at the same time!

I have made a reasonable amount of progress on Epistrophy, but haven't taken a pic this week.  I am nearly done with the sleeves and then I can join for the yoke.  I think when I get to that point it will fly by.
I have also made a significant amount of progress on Faience.  I have completed the back piece and am now making my way down the front.
This is knit in some yarn I dyed myself with onion skins and the pattern is from the last issue of Pom Pom magazine.
I also cast on some new socks since I had finished the last pair.  This is some sock yarn from Life in the Long Grass and I will be dong the honey bee dance socks from Helen Stewart.
I did also start my brioche project before we left for our holidays.
This is going to be Askews Me by Stephen West.
I have cast on a dishcloth for myself, but have no photos of that either - I will post when I have a pile!
I will leave you with a picture of the boys in a hole!


  1. I love that name Life in the Long Grass - reminds me of summers spent on Bowen island. Your boys in the hole are so awesome. Great new beginnings on your socks.

  2. Hehe I was watching TV whilst your page loaded and I thought you were knitting a bikini's toe up socks lol!

    I really like the stripey socks. The boys in a hole in the sand looks great fun and probably nice and cool in it too. You picked a couple of warm weeks for your holiday...well it's been warm up here so probably tropical in Cornwall.

  3. Congrats on the finished socks. The new socks will go faster since they are that. The yarn died with the onion skins is so pretty. It will make a great Faience.I have been enjoying your vacation posts. Looks like a grand tome was had by all.

  4. Love the socks... I actually knit two at a time with 9 inch needles....not all the time....I'll have to look up those Honey Bee Dance Socks...

  5. The picture of your boys in the hole in the sand is great! What handsome fellas they are. All of your projects are lovely, Lucy, and I remain intrigued with the yarn you dyed with onion skins. You got such a beautiful shading with it. And your sparkly stripey socks are so pretty. I love the colors in that yarn, too! Sounds like you had a great holiday! :)

  6. The socks are darling...I love stripes! Your Faience looks like weaving...I've never seen anything like it or is it an optical illusion? Lots of great projects you have going on. The Brioche is lovely with the colors you chose. The boys are getting so big! They are still as cute as ever. Glad you had a good holiday!

  7. Love your stripey socks, and the onion skin yarn come up beautiful. Love the colours in the Brioche knit too. The picture of your boys in the sand is awesome.

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