Sunday 2 February 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 31

It's been a busy week here what with parents evenings,  meetings and karting.
Very excitingly (for me) Susan B Anderson came up with an addition this week!  And here it is modelled!
I didn't do the pocket or the little  toy bunny  - maybe next time.
I also made progress on my Aiken and now have bound off the body - just some short sleeves to go.
Several people asked about my meal planning last week, so I thought I'd write a little about it.
I decided that I would like to start meal planning at the start of January.  There were three reasons:

  • We had got stuck in a rut with our meals.  I always get our shopping delivered, and that together with working full time meant it was very easy to have the same ready type meals every week. 
  • Although I try to grow my own veg, I'm not organised enough to be able to harvest throughout the year.  So I decided to have a veg box delivered every other week to increase our intake of locally produced organic veg.  We use Riverford and are very happy with them.
  • I have at least 100 cookbooks (I've never counted them!) And get more each Christmas and birthday, but once I have looked at them,  I put them on the shelf and leave them there.
So, meal planning it is.  Every Saturday or Sunday I sit down with some cookbooks and plan what we will have along with the contents of the veg box.   I have really enjoyed it and we have found some real gems.  I will try to remember to share some here.  This week our favourite came from this book
I did seared turmeric chicken.   This consisted of a marinade of turmeric and oregano on the chicken.  This was then pan fried with some Romano pepper  and served on a bed of swiss chard and cous cous  made with chicken stock and mint.  It didn't take much longer than a ready meal and it tasted really good!
I will leave you with a pic of my boys before they went karting yesterday. 


  1. Back when I had a farmshare, I did similarly. My share often included vegetables I didn't usually buy, so it was interesting to try new recipes. I found it fun to experiment. Do you find your boys are eating a variety? Kids sometimes get into their own rut of what's good!

  2. The bunny is too cute!!! With his little sweater and those cute buttons. Those giraffes I made for the grands several years back were Susan's patterns.
    I love Jamie Oliver! The turmeric chicken sounds very good. I wish I could order organic vegetables! That's awesome! Cute picture of "the boys"...they look like astronauts! LOL! Have a great week and good job with the meal planning!

  3. Your bunny is wonderful! And it has clothes! So sweet. Your meal plannning may just inspire me to start taking my cookbooks more seriously, too, and trying some new recipes from them.

  4. What a sweet bunny. Love those buttons on his sweater. Your chicken dish sounds very yummy. I love meal planning. Seldom do we have the same meal twice unless it was extremely good. My slow cooker was my best friend when I worked full time. It was so easy to throw everything in there in the morning and just add a salad or cooked vegetable to go with it when I got home.

    Looks like your 'guys' were gearing up to have a great time.

  5. Oh your bunny looks very smart in his cardigan and I love the buttons. Your meal planning sounds like a great idea, I’m just back from Tesco and was hungry when I went so I’ve bought all sorts of stuff but other than knowing I’ll make curry tomorrow (I say’s a jar of sauce!) I don’t have a plan. I may try your idea next weekend.

  6. Well dressed bunny - for the win!!