Sunday 16 February 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 33

I didn't post last week,  by the time I found time it was far too late!  So here is a bumper post!
I finished Aiken last week and although one sleeve is a little different to the other you can't tell once it is on.
I really like this and can't wait to wear it in the summer.   I knit it from a new to me yarn called zig zag by interlacements. The resulting fabric drapes wonderfully.
I also finished my socks.   These are a made up shortie sock with a German short row heel.   The yarn is by Life in the Long Grass.
Having finished those two,  I have made some progress on Like a Cloud.
I am knitting this from a lace weight from Blacker yarn held together with some mohair from Homespun Wonders.

And finally, I cast on my Stonecrop by Andrea Mowry.   I had to enlarge the chart but other than that it appears to be going well.
I am knitting this from John Arbon Textiles Devnonia yarn.
In other news my meal planning has been going very well.  I found a lovely recipe we have had a couple of times now which involves various vegetables  from my veg box and the addition of ras el hanout spice.  Lovely!
We are on half term this week so as always I am looking forward to getting lots of crafting in.  Hopefully I will be able to do some sewing - I want to put together some trousers and another dress.
I would also like to get out into the garden, but we had a rather large tree fall (about 50 foot) so we need that removing first!  We have had a couple of storms here in the UK  (Dennis is still with us now)  but Ciara brought this tree down, otherwise we seem to be ok.
At the end of the week it is Unravel at Farnham.   We shall be going and I intend to make a few purchases whilst there.   I will fill you in next week.
I hope everyone has a lovely and safe week.


  1. I love that sweater. Our summers are a bit too hot for them, but it's a lovely Fall item. And thank you for the information about pattern and yarn. That's always good.

  2. We've seen lots of your storm over there. Horrific in places! Sorry about your tree but thank goodness no one was hurt! I love how your sweater turned out and the socks are so pretty...great yarn there! Love your other projects too. I've been looking at sweater patterns. Good going with the cooking!

  3. Your sweater is gorgeous as are your socks. Ack. storms and trees. I always worry about trees and storms. We have so many big trees around our house. I hope you can turn the fallen tree into firewood.

  4. Your Aiken is beautiful, Lucy!

  5. Aiken turned out great. What a pretty color. Your new projects all sook yummy. I will enjoy watching them progress. Your short socks are quite cheery in that lovely pink.

    Sorry to hear about the tree but so glad no one was injured. Hopefully your storms will pass on by soon.

    Enjoy unravel. Sounds like a good time.