Sunday 23 February 2020

A Year of Projects Update - week 34

And we come to the end of our half term break.  I'm always sad as I love spending time with the boys   but it's only six weeks until the next one!  So this week didn't go quite to plan  - the weather wasn't great, which doesn't usually put us off,  but this time we were all under the weather and just felt like doing nothing!  I did do a fair bit of crafting and I did do a lot of tidying and spring cleaning.
I have made progress on both sweater projects that I have on the needles right now, but both are fingering weight so they are quite slow growing.  Still enjoying both though!
Like a cloud  is coming along nicely.  I have joined for the body and now it is just back and forth until it reaches a good length.
Stonecrop is also coming along  I have a couple more pattern repeats before I  split for the sleeves and then, given that it is cropped, shouldn't be much more after that!
As Thomas was unwell  we didn't make it to unravel.   I was quite disappointed, but I don't really need yarn right now and I have promised myself a class next year instead.
I also didn't get to my sewing as I picked up the wrong cotton.  Maybe next weekend! 
Anyway, I hope everyone has a good week.


  1. So sorry your last week of break found you all feeling under the weather. I hope you all kick it completely and start off a new term on top of things. I love the yoke on Stonecrop. :)

  2. Hopefully you all are much better soon. So sorry you didn't make it to Unravel. You 2 sweaters are lovely. But sock yarn? That will take a bit more time.

  3. Your sweaters are coming along beautifully. I hope you can satisfy your yarn buying addiction soon. And, I hope as school returns you all return to good health too.

  4. I admire you knitting to jumpers at the same time, they are both coming along and I love that deep purple colour with the gold. I’m sorry your half term wasn’t as fun as normal. Before you know it will be Easter break, what with pancake day being on Tuesday.

  5. So sorry your plans got waylaid. Your sweaters are really coming along and so pretty! At least you got some spring cleaning done! Have a good week and I hope you are all feeling perkier soon!