Sunday 15 August 2021

A Year of Projects Update - week 7

 Ah we have had a good week!  I got my sewing day in!  

I've been doing some jobs in the garden this morning to explain the lateness of this post!  And I'm hoping to get a bit more done this week - we are going to the garden centre tomorrow to this end!

I've managed to get back into my books this week.  I have had an Audible subscription for a few years and had accumulated my maximum credits as I didn't use it.  But this week I have got back into it.  Today I finished listening to the World at my Feet by Catherine Isaac - I enjoyed it a lot and have now moved onto Dear Fatty by Dawn French which has already had me in fits of laughter.   It is read by Lisa Tarbuck who I love which makes it even better!

Anyway what have I been up to?  

Firstly, here is my skirt.

Here it is teamed with my Antiquity blouse that I finished a while ago.

Since the skirt was finished I've been getting some itchy fingers! (Not itchy feet!)  I have been quite monogamous since finishing four quarters  and this week that got the better of me.

I still have Daniel's Christmas jumper and my socks.

But I decided I needed another blanket.

This is a scrappy blanket again,  but this time it is marled project with a resulting worsted weight yarn, so is progressing nicely. 

I have also started a bag from a Pompom quarterly that I found whilst looking back through my magazines.

And finally, I have started a basic tee from Pompom in a Knit By Numbers 4ply from John Arbon Textiles. 

I had a great sewing day on Tuesday, but of course didn't get through all that I wanted.   I did make another Esma and a pair of trousers, plus a couple of alterations, so I feel really happy!  I hope to write a dedicated post later in the week.

And that is my week!  I hope everyone has a brilliant week  - I am likely to miss next week as we are on holiday in Cornwall where there is very little internet - so will be back in a  fortnight!


  1. WOW!! I'm exhausted reading your blog. The skirt turned out great. I love stripes so the striped t-shirt looks great already. I can't even imagine starting a blanket. That takes me forever to knit. I can see you have a busy week ahead.

  2. You got so much done~ I love the skirt and all those clothes you made! You're a whiz! I love all your new cast ons and of course, the yarns you pick. Have fun next week!

  3. Your skirt and blouse look AMAZING together! I am excited to see your new cast-on projects progress.

    I am impressed by how much you get accomplished on your sewing days! Making an actual pair of pants and another item IN A DAY is a huge win.

  4. Look at you all modeling your skirt and top. They are so cute together. Oh, you have cast in some lovelynitems this past week. Now you have choices. I think you did quite a bit of sewing this past week. Looking forward to the post about that.

  5. You have made so many outfits you must be able to wear a different look every day for weeks!

  6. You have had a great week - so many awesome projects! I love the entire outfit. It looks great on you. Looking forward to more of your sewing projects!

  7. You are amazing -- so many projects done in one week! The skirt and sweater combo makes a lovely outfit and you look great in it!

  8. I hope you are having a lovely week. I love Liza Tarbuck, we have the same first name and pronunciation (not like Liza Minnellik). She cracks me up when we hear her on the radio. I have an Audible subscription so I will look out for that book when my next credit comes through. I spend mine and listen to it in the first few days...I didn’t even know there was a maximum of unused credits you could have. Enjoy you holiday.

  9. Always so impressed at your garment making. I love this newest skirt!