Sunday 19 February 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 35

 And so draws the end of a lovely crafty week!  I have knitted, sewn, swam, cooked and sketched.

I began the week with a swim in the sea.  Daniel decided not to in the end, but he did take the photos and joined me for a sausage bap and hot chocolate!

I did lots of sewing this week - I finished my summer tiered dress - sewn by hand which is my preference!

And the second make is a Simple Sew - Lena wrap dress which I made with the Sewing machine which isn't my preference but I do love this dress.

I set up my drawing space this week and started work on  couple of test pieces.

I made a little progress on my shorts and I will post my progress on those next week.

I made a risotto for school lunches and some squash pastry rolls from the Ainsley Harriott book.  The risotto was lovely and I have the remainder fir the week.  I am going to have the squash rolls for lunch today!

And I think that is it for this week - it's back to work next week and I'm visiting Unravel next Saturday so I expect less to be accomplished but we will see.


  1. What a lovely sounding week. I love the cut of that second dress in particular.

  2. What a great week you had, the dresses look fabulous.

  3. Such pretty dresses. Love the summer tiered dress. Looks very comfy. You do such lovely hand sewing. You week sounds idyllic. So glad you enjoyed it.

  4. What a great week of relaxation but with lots accomplished.

  5. You covered all the bases in your week off. Good for you. Wasn't the water cold? You're brave...I'd be more like Daniel! LOL!
    I love the tiered dress and you hand sewed the entire thing? You always amaze me. Also the wrap around look very nice on you.
    I didn't know you painted. I bought those water colors and book and have yet to get back to it. I'm no artist but I had an art teacher once tell me that anyone can be an artist if they practice enough....hmmm.
    Your cooking sounds wonderful. Did I mention I watch Miranda Mills podcast from Yorkshire? She has a book podcast and I love her book recommendations but she also cooks things from new cookbooks and usually includes the recipes and they always look so good but of course, since I was sick I can't eat a lot of things....but you can! Let me know if you try any of the recipes she tries on her podcast. Have a good week back at work.

    1. This is Sam that commented above. I have no idea why all of a sudden they don't put the name. Oh's me!