Sunday 19 March 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 39

 I missed last week - just ran out of time!  To be fair I had nothing to show!

I have a little this week!

My shorts are done.  I am so happy with these and think they will be perfect for those swimming days when it is too warm for thermal trousers  but too chilly for summer dress.

These are made entirely with repurposed yarn from a sweater I never wore.  The tie I bought a while ago - for pyjamas I think but never used so really this has cost me nothing!

And of course, with one project off the needles, another shiny new one has to go on!

So this is my Takumi by Renee Callahan.

I have had the pattern in my library for years and the yarn is Sousie dk by Skein Queen that I purchased at Unravel.
I haven't done much else, a little baking, but that is about it.  School is pretty full on at the moment but the Easter holiday is in a couple of weeks so I am looking forward to that.
That is all for this week - I hope everyone has a good one.


  1. Wow that sweater is going to be so beautiful in that yarn! I love the pattern too. Glad you a happy with your knitted shorts. They look beautiful.

  2. your shorts look brilliant :) And how fab to have made them with repurposed yarn :)
    Your red yarn is gorgeous, can't wait to see the finished item!

  3. Cute shorts. Perfect for beach time. Love the color you are using for Takumi.