Sunday 5 March 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 37

 It's been a very quiet week here.  Just work and sleep!

I have done minimal crafting this week.  Just a little work on the shorts that's all.  I am now on to the pockets.

This is,a pattern from Pompom magazine and is repurposed yarn from a frogged sweater.  
That is all for this week I'm afraid - I made some cakes yesterday and the daffs are coming out but that is it!

I hope you all have a great week and I hope I have more to show next week. 


  1. Your shorts will be finished in no time. Love the color of the yarn you are using.

  2. We are having an unusually warm winter so all the bulbs are popping up early and the fruit trees are flowering. We are probably going to lose our cherry crop again this year. Makes me sad as I really like sour cherry jam and we are completely out.

  3. Liz here, we are still just snowdrops up here and probably another couple of weeks before daffodils show up. My mind still is baffled on whether we (up here) would ever have a day that knitted shorts would be worn. I’ll be interested to hear when you do wear them so hope you keep us posted on how they work out as a wardrobe item.

  4. They're almost done and looking good! What will you be working on after that? It's going to be 80 F here today.....we go right from heating to AC!

    1. This is Sam..I commented above!