Sunday 26 March 2023

A Year of Projects Update - week 40

 We are another week closer to the holiday - just counting down the days!

I have done very little again - I'm so tired after work I never feel like doing much!

Anyway I have done a bit of work on Takumi. 

I have made it just down to below the sleeves.  The yarn is by Skein Queen which I got at Unravel.

I am obviously into wrap tops at the moment as I have also started my Saguaro  by The Friday pattern company.   I didn't really love the pattern originally,  but then saw it on several people and changed my mind.

I  am getting through the top (sewing by hand - as is my preference).

And that is it for this week!  Next week is the start of the Easter holidays so I'm hoping to do lots that week - again, am counting down the days.


  1. Glad you are at least finding a little time for crafting.
    Funny how we get into a bit of a rut at times. Kinda like colors, there are certain colors I'm drawn to and certain styles I'm drawn to.

  2. Liz here. I'm so impressed with your hand sewing.