Sunday 2 July 2023

A Year of Projects - List

 And so, July is here again.  My Year Of Projects runs from July to June - so it is list time for me.

I will be organising my list as I have done the past few years, and that is predominantly centred around a handmade wardrobe.


  • Tegna - this is my second and is nearly completed
  • A light coloured tank/vest top - pattern not chosen yet
  • Pineberry - pattern from Pompom magazine and yarn from Eden Cottage yarn has been purchased
  • Open fronted waterfall cardi - pattern to be decided
  • Socks - a mix of long and short
  • More washcloths/dishcloths
  • I really want to pick my Battenberg blanket up this year!
  • Finish Rosa by Tilly and the Buttons 
  • Sew another Simple sew wrap dress
  • Decide on suit pattern snd sew it
  • Cream trousers - ? The Lander Pant
  • Make handkerchiefs and cut cloths
  • Embroidery and cross stitch - I would really like to do some more of these
  • Painting - again would like to do more of this

And there I will stop.  I will almost certainly add to the list as I go but this is a good base!

So that is my list - next week I shall update on my progress over the last few weeks!


  1. Pineberry looks interesting, it almost has a crochet look to the stitch pattern, but nicer than crochet. I can’t remember what Rosa is, is that a dress pattern? Overall the list sounds great, achievable and another step to your “me made” wardrobe. Best of luck with it.

    1. That was Liz (Highlandheffalump) btw

    2. I thought Pineberry might be crochet initially, but is knit - hurrah - my crochet isn't good enough for a garment!

  2. Great to see your plans and I look forward to seeing how they turn out!

  3. I look forward to seeing your projects as you work through YOP13. Wow! Sewing a suit is way beyond my COVID mask sewing capabilities.

    1. I thought it was beyond mine, but now I'm so into hand sewing I can take my time and make it exactly how I want it!

  4. You are so good about following you yearly plans. Your wardrobe pieces are going to be great additions.

  5. I love all your sewing projects and the garments you make are gorgeous in knitting and sewing. We can have CAL with our Battenberg blankets! The Pineberry is darling. I am looking for a nice vest pattern that is not very fitted. Always love seeing your projects and yarns. You motivate me!

  6. I love the handmade wardrobe ideas! I'm particularly intrigued by people who can wear light colored pants- I am that person who almost instantly dumps something permanent on light colors.

    1. Ha ha - I think I am that person too but the romantic idea is there - I don't know how long they would last!

  7. Great plans! I look forward to seeing your projects over the year. Love the Tegna, especially looking forward to seeing that one. -Jen @ Carolina Tales