Sunday 7 January 2024

A Year of Projects Update - week 27

 First week back at school and, of course, my productivity has taken a hit!

That said, I do have a finished object and plans are afoot for the next. 

My Tolsta tee is done.

Forgive the hair and leggings!  I had just come in from the garden.  This is knit in a set from Lay Family Yarn and I really like it - I see more in my future - perhaps a lacy one next time?

So what next?  I still have my Hitchenbrook on the needles, but I  think that is a project to get finished by next winter.  I also still have a pair of socks on the needles which I will pick up again later.

I  recently joined the Squid school of vintage knitting on Patreon and she has a skirt pattern from just over a year ago, called the Delovely skirt.  So that is my next project.  I have the yarn - Yarnadelic by John Arbon Textiles.   And... I am currently doing ....a guage swatch!!  I never do these! But to get the stitch counts I really have to.   So, for the first time ever, I am!  Anyway, by next week, I hope to have it on the needles and will show you how I am doing then.

I have also been in the garden today.  I dug over one strip of the veg patch and dug up the brambles in another (very small) area - there is still lots more to go.  But I have knit cardboard over it to try to suppress the weeds for a moment.

And that is that.  The weather's supposed to be improving for a couple of weeks - less rain and colder - which is how I like it!  I hope everyone has a lovely week. 😍 


  1. The sweater looks lovely and perfect for wearing to work or other more fun activities. Going back to a new semester means your crafting life can take a little hit.

  2. Your tee came out great. Glad it's a pattern that can be knit multiple times. The skirt project sounds interesting. Haha, I live in leggings and rarely put on jeans anymore.

  3. Very cute tee! I am interested in vintage knitting, so I will check out the Patreon.

  4. Oh my your tee is so pretty. What a great color and style on you. A lacey one would be fun too. Sounds like you have been quite busy now that school is back in session.

  5. Your tee came out great. My hair does the same curls out one side and under the other…especially during hat weather lol. I’m a bit behind so playing catch up on blogs. Liz