Monday 8 April 2024

A Year of Projects Update - week 40

 I'm a day late!  Had all good intentions to do this yesterday, but somehow the day got away from me.

I made quite a bit of progress last week.

I finished the belt to go with the Delovely skirt.  I haven't worn it yet but may try it out next week back at school and will report back then!

Squidney knits (Sidney Crabaugh) has just brought out a dress which I love quite a bit!  Having just bought the dress pattern from Vera Valimaki I feel I already have enough knitted dresses, but still think I may have cast this on by the end of the year!

I also started my hat - the Withy hat from the John Arbon Textiles annual number 3.

I have done more now and hope to have it off the needles by tomorrow.   I am going to Sonerset to visit mum tomorrow for a few days so want to take a new project with me.
That project is likely to be the Maywick sweater from The Shetland Trader book 3.
I got some potatoes out in the garden this week, but most things will have to wait a bit as it is still do wet!
And that is it - the rest of today will be preparing for my trip to Somerset and then return to school next week.
I hope everyone has a great week 💓 


  1. The belt is very attractive. Will be nice to see the skirt on you. Enjoy you trip to your mum's house.

  2. The belt looks really smart, I hope you have a good week. Our garden seems to just be a pond it’s been so wet and waterlogged. I do my potatoes in sacks as no matter how careful I am I always end up leaving some behind if they go in the ground. Mine are still chatting as we are still also getting some frosty nights here. Have a lovely time in Somerset. Liz

  3. Looking forward to seeing you wearing your new skirt. I just can't imagine tackling such big knitting projects. How you had a great visit with your mum. My son is back to teaching this week as well. Now it's finishing out the year that will end at the end of May. Sadly, he still hasn't found a teaching job for next year.