Sunday 21 April 2024

A Year of Projects Update - week 42

 I seem to have managed to have missed another week!  

Life seems to be quite busy at the moment.   I do have a couple of projects to share though.

Whilst at my mum's, I made a baby cardigan for my sister in law's new niece.  She had asked mum to make it but she was not up to it.

This was knit using a free pattern on Ravelry and some yarn mum had.
I  also started Maywick from the Shetland Trader.   It has been a while since I knitted lace and I am really enjoying it!
This is also using lots of stash and leftovers so a win all round.
I haven't done much else  - a little in the garden but that is it.
Hopefully I will get myself organised to be back next week.   And I hope everyone has a good week.


  1. Your baby cardigan is so sweet! Hope you have a great week xx

  2. Oooh it published my comment as anonymous and I can’t seem to log in. Anyway this is Jill from

  3. Such a sweet baby sweater. I like the colorsnif the Maywick.

  4. What a lovely baby sweater! Lots of fun knitting it looks like.

  5. What an adorable baby sweater!! So very cute. The Maywick looks fantastic!

  6. That baby cardi is gorgeous, I’m sure the parents will be thrilled. I hope things settle down soon. Liz