Monday 1 January 2018

A Year of Projects Update - week 27

A very happy new year to everybody!
I am a day late in posting this as we were busy yesterday.

I am not usually one for making new years resolutions as I don't tend to stick to them, but I am a member of the Ravelry group for the Yarniacs podcast and they have an ongoing thread for that quarter's goals.  I made a few goals yesterday an I thought I would share them here and I have updated my YOP list that you can see here.
 My goals for this quarter are:
  • only buy yarn for a specific project
  • go to Unravel, but keep the first point in mind
  • only buy patterns when ready to knit them and try to knit from some of the books recently purchased
  • finish the three sweaters now on the needles
  • continue with the wardrobe architect project and bear that in mind for future projects
  • make alterations to the clothes in the alterations pile
So we shall see how that goes!

Works In Progress
I have started some socks from the yarn in the advent calendar on Christmas day.

I am making up the pattern and just doing a slip stitch when the colour changes.
I have also cast on Penguono as I couldn't wait any longer!
I got Best Knits - Westknits for Christmas and want to knit my way through this book.
I have also made significant progress on Chuck but now I have been distracted with Penguono.

I think that is it for now - I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!


  1. Happy New Year to you too! I like your goals and always love your projects! Your Chuck sweater is gorgeous in that color and the Penguono looks like so much fun! Love your socks from your advent calendar! I have yet to do a Stephen West pattern but I'm sure I will at some point....but which one? I'll have to look into his book. I have so many projects I want to do this next year and yet I have a lot of projects to finish up too. I am planning on really plotting out my time and allotting so much time to each project so I can sort of calculate when I can finish them if I stick to the plan. The better I get at knitting though the more projects I want to do because I have the skills now....that could spell trouble with a capital "T"! Have a wonderful 2018 and love seeing your projects and progress each week!

  2. Happy New Year. I'm not much of one for resolutions either, but your goals are a good framework. Moving to a rural location puts all the nice yarn stores at a distance which has been great for my yarn diet!

    Love the Advent yarn... such a festive colourway and self-striping is always fun. Looks like candy cane socks!

  3. I like your goals and would do well to work toward them as well. Today I'm organizing my yarn and patterns and have already bagged up a few finished projects (baby blankets) for donating. That's a good start, I think. Penguono is pretty distracting with those lovely cables. I'm looking forward to seeing another beautiful garmet made by you. A prosperous and happy year to you, too, Lucy!

  4. Great goals for the new year! Loving the colours of your socks!

  5. Resolutions are not something I do either. Your goals are very reasonable though. Love those socks and the color of Chuck is my all time favorite. Penguono is sure to be a fun knit. Let us know how you like doing it.

  6. Sound like great goals. What is Unravel?