Wednesday 3 January 2018

My Garden Project - January 2018

I have dabbled in the garden for a few years.  Before we had the boys I did it more seriously, but then the boys and working full time has taken it's toll.  Also, Darren has fallen out of love with the garden so I thought this year I will make the garden my project.

In planning this project I need to think about what I want from the garden.

  • Produce - I would like to produce some of my own food - I am under no illusions that I have enough time to become self sufficient, but if I can cut down on the veg that I buy in some months that would be brilliant.
  • Soft fruit - I would like to sort out the raspberries and strawberries
  • Patio - I would like to take down the decking and create a patio area, in time to build a barbecue.
  • I shall create a page on this blog with my overview of the year with tasks that need to be done
  • I shall try to check in once a month with my progress.
  • I have made an outline of tasks each month here.
This book:
Image result for delias kitchen garden

I got this a number of years ago, and so I am going to use this as a basis of my planning.
Ultimately, I would like to build a barbecue in the garden
Something like this:
There is no better thing than making a grill in your backyard to enjoy your time with family. You can buy a barbecue grill from local store and set it up in almost any space of your home’s outdoor, but here we recommended you to build your own brick barbecue in backyard. Building your own barbecue grill has […]

So that is the start - it is the start of January so I haven't done anything beyond planning.  I shall check in at the start of February and share any progress.

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